Our Philosophy

The key idea that makes up our philosophy is to be able to support Ukrainian artists as well as Ukraine.

We believe that the sphere of culture and art is a fundamental basis of society. NFT ART from Ukraine unites the works of various talented artists. We help contemporary artists who create unique works during the War against the russian federation. Our joint efforts help Ukraine create a promising, creative environment for its growth and development.

NFT ART from Ukraine strictly follows the principle of transparency and honesty: 50%-100% of the received funds are directed for charity — to support volunteer organizations throughout Ukraine and beyond to provide assistance to the population of Ukraine from necessities to material provision of the armed forces of Ukraine.

Our team is from Ukraine.
And like the dream of many people, our dream is peace in Ukraine. Peace All Over The World!
We sincerely thank the Whole World for your support and assistance to Ukraine!
Please, let's help together!


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Artists can sell digital copies of their work and help the army – more info.