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Author: Polina Po

Since 2014, Ukraine has been waging a heroic struggle against the Russian invaders, and on February 24, 2022, it has given a courageous rebuff in a full-scale invasion throughout the country. We want to use the format of collages to raise funds for our army and help authors survive via royalties.

We know that Ukrainians will never forget these days spent in bomb shelters, work in the rear and on the front lines, queues at the borders, and frightened children. Furthermore, we are doing our best to remember these terrible events and the courageous confrontation of Ukrainians abroad. Our goal is to preserve the memory and spread the truth as much as possible through the visualization of authors’ inside feelings.

Currently, every Ukrainian is a hero: the troops guarding us at the front, the volunteers who provide a strong rear, the doctors who save lives, the cyber troops who destroy the enemy in the digital world.

And this is the moment when you can become a hero too. By buying NFT, you become a sponsor of saving the world and helping to implement projects in support of the military and civilians. You can bring closer the day when there will be a peaceful sky over Ukraine.